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Título: Stickers - Weather Underground
Publicado por: jachym en 21 de Diciembre del 2016, 16:56:44 pm
Hi guys,

based on the Stickers plugin for Meteotemplate I have created another stand-alone script, like the other ones for Weather Display and Cumulus. In this case all you need is to provide your WU ID and a few details about what units and location you want to use and you are ready to go.

You do NOT need to have Meteotemplate installed, all the dependencies are included in the script, so it works out of the box. It will generate a sticker similar to the one I have as my signature.

NOTE: This is will generate an image that can be placed on ANY website. Do not use this for Meteotemplate, if you are Meteotemplate user, use the Stickers plugin instead as it is more sophisticated.

To install simply download the file from the Extras section at and follow the instructions in the readme file.

I know this is not a full replacement of the rapid fire WU stickers (that is not possible because the rapid fire API is not opened), but better than nothing.

Some features:
- custom image
- interactive bg based on daytime/conditions
- select units
- over hundred backgrounds
- custom station icons