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Ultima versión WeeWx
« en: 14 de Marzo del 2017, 16:47:05 pm »
Buenos días/tardes, por lo que parece hay nueva versión en los repositorios de WeeWx, parece llevar un buen número de fixes para mejorar la estabilidad y las prestaciones.
3.7.0 (11 Mar 2017)

The tag $current now uses the record included in the event
NEW_ARCHIVE_RECORD, rather than retrieve the last record from the database.
This means you can use the tag $current for observation types that are in
the record, but not necessarily in the database. Fixes issue #13.

Most aggregation periods now allow you to go farther in the past. For
example, the tag $week($weeks_ago=1) would give you last week. You can also
now specify the start and end of an aggregation period, such as $week.start
and $week.end.

Can now do SummaryByDay (as well as SummaryByMonth and SummaryByYear). NB:
This can generate *lots* of files --- one for every day in your database!
Leaving this undocumented for now. Fixes issue #185.

When doing hardware record generation, the engine now augments the record
with any additional observation types it can extract out of the
accumulators. Fixes issue #15.

It's now possible to iterate over every record within a timespan. Fixes
issue #182.

Use schema_name = hardware_name pattern in sensor map for drivers that
support extensible sensor suites, including the drivers for cc3000, te923,
wmr300, wmr100, wmr200, wmr9x8

Simplified sensor mapping implementation for wmr100 and wmr200 drivers. For
recent weewx releases, these are the default mappings for wmr200:
  3.6.0: in:0, out:1, e2:2, e3:3, ..., e8:8   hard-coded
  3.6.1: in:0, out:1, e1:2, e2:3, ..., e7:8   hard-coded
  3.7.0: in:0, out:1, e1:2, e2:3, ..., e7:8   sensor_map
and these are default mappings for wmr100:
  3.6.2: in:0, out:1, e1:2, e2:3, ..., e7:8   hard-coded
  3.7.0: in:0, out:1, e1:2, e2:3, ..., e7:8   sensor_map

Enabled battery status for every remote T/H and T sensor in wmr100 driver.

Enabled heatindex for each remote T/H sensor in wmr200 driver.

Fixed inverted battery status indicator in wmr200 driver.

Fixed 'Calculatios' typo in wmr100, wmr200, wmr9x8, and wmr300 drivers.

Fixed usb initialization issues in the wmr300 driver.

Added warning in wmr300 driver when rain counter reaches maximum value.

Decode heatindex and windchill from wmr300 sensor outputs.

Report the firmware version when initializing the cc3000 driver.

Fixed bug in vantage driver that would prevent console wake up during
retries when fetching EEPROM vales. Thanks to user Dan Begallie!

The vantage driver no longer emits values for non-existent sensors. As a
result, LOOP and archive packets are now much smaller. If this works out,
other drivers will follow suit. Partial fix of issue #175.

The vantage driver now emits the barometer trend in LOOP packets as field

The engine now logs locale. Additional information if a TERM signal is

Removed the site-specific "Pond" extensions from the Standard skin.

The Standard skin now includes plots of outside humidity. Fixes issue #181.

Fixed reference to index.html.tmpl in the xstats example.

Changed algorithm for calculating ET to something more appropriate for
hourly values (former algorithm assumed daily values). Fixes issue #160.

Fixed bug in Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion that affected pressure
conversions in, none of which were actually used.

Fixed bug that was introduced in v3.6.0, which prevented wee_reports from
working for anything other than the current time.

Documented the experimental anti-alias feature, which has been in weewx
since v3.1.0. Fixes issue #6.

Fixed problem where multiple subsections under [SummaryBy...] stanzas could
cause multiple copies of their target date to be included in the Cheetah
variable $SummaryByYear and $SummaryByMonth. Fixes issue #187.

Moved examples out of bin directory. Eliminated experimental directory.
Reinforce the use of user directory, eliminate use of examples directory.
Renamed to

OS uptime now works for freeBSD. Thanks to user Bill Richter! PR #188.

Broke out developer's notes into a separate document.

Added @media CSS for docs to improve printed/PDF formatting. Thanks to user

Added a 0.01 second delay after each read_byte in ws23xx driver to reduce
chance of data spikes caused by RS232 line contention. Thanks

The observation windGustDir has been removed from wmr100, wmr200, te923,
and fousb drivers. These drivers were simply assigning windGustDir to
windDir, since none of the hardware reports an actual windGustDir.

Calculation of aggregates over a period of one day or longer can now
respect any change in archive interval. To take advantage of this feature,
you will have to apply an update to your daily summaries. This can be done
using the tool wee_database, option --update. Refer to the ‘Changes to
daily summaries’ section in the Upgrade Guide to determine whether you
should update or not. Fixes issue #61.

Max value of windSpeed for the day is now the max archive value of
windSpeed. Formerly, it was the max LOOP value. If you wish to patch your
older daily summaries to interpret max windSpeed this way, use the tool
wee_database with option --update. Fixes issue #195.

The types of accumulators, and the strategies to put and extract records
out of them, can now be specified by config stanzas. This will be of
interest to extension writers. See issue #115.

Fixed battery status label in acurite driver: changed from
txTempBatteryStatus to outTempBatteryStatus. Thanks to user manos!

Made the lowBattery example more robust - it now checks for any known low
battery status, not just txBatteryStatus. Thanks to user manos!

Added info-level log message to calculate_rain so that any rain counter
reset will be logged.

Added better logging for cc3000 when the cc3000 loses contact with sensors
for extended periods of time.

How long to wait before retrying after a bad uploader login is now settable
with option retry_login. Fixes issue #212.

The test suites now use dedicated users 'weewx1' and 'weewx2'. A shell
script has been included to setup these users.

A more formal exception hierarchy has been adopted for the internal
database library weedb. See weedb/

The weedb Connection and Cursor objects can now be used in a "with" clause.

Slightly more robust mechanism for decoding last time a file was FTP'd.


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Re:Ultima versión WeeWx
« Respuesta #1 en: 23 de Marzo del 2017, 20:05:34 pm »
Ya se ha liberado la versión 3.7.1

Corrige unos pocos fallos, algunos posiblemente de cierta importancia
3.7.1 (22 Mar 2017)

Fixed log syntax in wmr100 and wmr9x8 drivers.

Emit Rapidfire cache info only when debug is level 3 or higher. Thanks to
user Darryn Capes-Davis.

Fixed problem that prevented Rapidfire from being used with databases in
metric units. Fixes issue #230.

Set WOW `post_interval` in config dict instead of thread arguments so that
overrides are possible. Thanks to user Kenneth Baker.

Distribute example code and example extensions in a single examples
directory. Ensure that the examples directory is included in the rpm and
deb packages.

Fixed issue that prevented a port from being specified for MySQL

MySQL error 2003 ("Can't connect to MySQL server...") now gets mapped to
`weedb.CannotConnectError`. PR #234.

By default, autocommit is now enabled for the MySQL driver. Fixes issue

Highs and lows from LOOP packets were not being used in preference to
archive records in daily summaries. Fixed issue #239.