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Nueva actualización de MX - build 3145
« en: 04 de Septiembre del 2021, 19:11:57 pm »

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST
Unread post by mcrossley » Thu Sep 02, 2021 2:37 pm

Release 3.13.0 - build 3145 is available for download.

The big change for this release is the addition of a new station type for WeatherFlow Tempest stations. This feature has been written and contributed by Doug Summersgill :clap:

Note, this station type currently ONLY supports the WeatherFlow Tempest stations.

What is fixed
Fix: Realtime FTP, now correctly clears the RT FTP in progress flag
Fix: Station Settings, Units, Advanced not being saved correctly
Fix: The Log editors (dayfile, data, extradata), now handle returned errors correctly
Fix: Rain not being counted with really small bucket sizes
What is new
New: Adds support the WeatherFlow Tempest weather stations (contributed by Doug Summersgill)
New: HTTP Ecowitt: Adds GW1000 Firmware Version extraction to both main station and extra sensors
What has changed
Change: Davis WLL, low battery warning for WLL device changed from 5.2 to 5.4V (1.35V per cell)
Change: Ecowitt battery decoding nightmare continues and evolves as we discover what they really send as opposed to what they say they send!
Change: Monthly NOAA reports now stop at the first day with an error in either the dayfile, or the monthly log file. Previously it only stopped at the first dayfile error
Change: Internet Settings now works better when enabling/disabling FTP globally and in the interval settings
Change: Ecowitt GW1000 now detects WS80 ultrasonic wind sensors and changes the update rate to 4 seconds (WS80 updates every 4.75 secs)
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