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Publicada nueva versión del Driver GW1000 0.4.0
« en: 28 de Septiembre del 2021, 09:26:34 am »

Se ha publicado la nueva versión 0.4.0 del driver GW1000 para nuestras estaciones Ecowitt GW1000, WH2650 y similares que corrige diversos errores y hace algunos pequeños cambios. He actualizado desde la versión 0.3.2 sin mayores problemas. Más abajo tenéis enlace y lista de cambios.


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Fixed bug when operated with GW1100 using firmware v2.0.4.
The device model (GW1000/GW1100) is now identified via the API so many references to 'GW1000' in console and log output should now be replaced with the correct device model.
When used as a driver the driver hardware_name property now returns the device model instead of the driver name (GW1000). The follow on from this is that when using the GW1000 driver as a driver the tag $station.hardware will display the device model (ie GW1000 or GW1100) when used in a WeeWX report.
Reworked processing of queued data by class Gw1000Service() to fix a bug resulting is intermittent missing GW1000 data when operated as a service.
Battery state data is now set to None for sensors with signal level == 0, can be disabled by setting option show_all_batt = True under [GW1000] in weewx.conf or by use of the --show-all-batt command line option if running directly.
The units used when displaying --live-data can now be controlled by the --units command line option. Th eunits displayed are the default units in each WeeWX unit system, ie US customary (--units=us), Metric (--units=metric) and MetricWx (--units=metricwx)
--live-data output is now formatted and labelled using WeeWX default formats and labels except for voltage which is displayed with two decimal places.
Fixed some incorrect command line option descriptions.
Implemented limited sensor debug log reporting via the debug_sensors config option.
Implemented wind debug log reporting via the debug_wind config option.
Refactored rain debug log reporting via the debug_rain config option to report both WeeWX and GW1000 rain related fields.
Implemented a separate broadcast_timeout config option to allow an increased socket timeout when broadcasting for GW1000/GW1100 devices. Default value is five seconds.
A device is now considered unique if it has a unique MAC address (was formerly unique if IP address and port combination were unique).
Minor reformatting of --discover console output.
WH24 battery and signal state fields are now included in the default field map.