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Weewx 3.6.0
« en: 18 de Septiembre del 2016, 18:09:00 pm »
Ya llega, ya llega

Del grupo de Google de Weewx


You're asking for a lot of degrees of freedom. To keep things simple, the arrival of records stored in the station console is generally linked to their storage in the database.

However, V3.6, to be released Real Soon Now, will offer a crontab-like ability to schedule the reports and when the get FTP'd.

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Re:Weewx 3.6.0
« Respuesta #1 en: 09 de Octubre del 2016, 01:24:56 am »
Ya esta para descargar en la pagina de weewx.


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Re:Weewx 3.6.0
« Respuesta #2 en: 09 de Octubre del 2016, 10:30:52 am »
Si, lo leí ayer o anteayer en el foro de weewx.......pero estoy liado con otra cosilla.......bueno.....un lío impresionante, je je.

Ahora miro las novedades.


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Re:Weewx 3.6.0
« Respuesta #3 en: 09 de Octubre del 2016, 10:33:00 am »
Added the ability to run reports using a cron-like notation, instead of
with every report cycle. See User's Guide for details. Thanks to user Gary
Roderick. PR #122. Fixes issue #17.

Added the ability to easily import CSV, Weather Underground, and Cumulus
data using a new utility, wee_import. Thanks again to über-user Gary
Roderick. PR #148. Fixes issue #97.

Refactored documentation so that executable utilities are now in their own
document, utilities.htm.

Fixed rpm package so that it will retain any changes to the user directory.
Thanks to user Pat OBrien.

No ET when beyond the reach of the sun.

Software calculated ET now returns the amount of evapotranspiration that
occurred during the archive interval. Fixes issue #160

Fixed wee_config to handle config files that have no FTP or RSYNC.

Fixed bug in StdWXCalculate that ignored setting of 'None' (#110).

Which derived variables are to be calculated are now in a separate
subsection of [StdWXCalculate] called [[Calculations]]. Upgrade process
takes care of upgrading your config file.

Reset weewx launchtime when waiting for sane system clock (thanks to user
James Taylor).

Fixed anti-alias bug in genplot. Issue #111.

Corrected the conversion factor between inHg and mbar. Thanks to user

Consolidated unit conversions into module weewx.units.

Plots longer than two years now use an x-axis increment of one year. Thanks
to user Olivier!

The WS1 driver now retries connection if it fails. Thanks to user Kevin
Caccamo! PR #112.

Major update to the CC3000 driver:
 - reading historical records is more robust
 - added better error handling and reporting
 - fixed to handle random NULL characters in historical records
 - fixed rain units
 - added ability to get data from logger as fast as it will send it
 - added support for additional temperature sensors T1 and T2
 - added transmitter channel in station diagnostics
 - added option to set/get channel, baro offset
 - added option to reset rain counter

Fixed brittle reference to USBError.args[0] in wmr200, wmr300, and te923

Fixed typo in default te923 sensor mapping for h_3. Thanks to user ngulden.

Added flag for reports so that reports can be disabled by setting
enable=False instead of deleting or commenting entire report sections in

The vantage and ws23xx drivers now include the fix for the policy of "wind
direction is undefined when no wind speed". This was applied to other
drivers in weewx 3.3.0.

Fixed te923 driver behavior when reading from logger, especially on
stations with large memory configuration. Thanks to users Joep and Nico.

Fixed rain counter problems in wmr300 driver. The driver no longer attempts
to cache partial packets. Do no process packets with non-loop data when
reading loop data. Thanks to user EricG.

Made wmr300 driver more robust against empty usb data buffers.

Fixed pressure/barometer in wmr300 driver when reading historical records.

Fixed problem with the Vantage driver where program could crash if a serial
I/O error happens during write. Fixes issue #134.

Changed name of command to clear the Vantage memory from --clear to
--clear-memory to make it more consistent with other devices.

Fixed problem that prevented channel 8 from being set by the Vantage

Added solaris .smf configuration. Thanks to user whorfin.

Added option post_indoor_observations for weather underground.

Added maximum value to radiation and UV plots.

In the .deb package, put weewx reports in /var/www/html/weewx instead of
/var/www/weewx to match the change of DocumentRoot in debian 8 and later.


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Re:Weewx 3.6.0
« Respuesta #4 en: 09 de Octubre del 2016, 11:11:09 am »
Muchos cambios......algunos solo son modificaciones a errores en driver de estaciones......otros son cambios sustanciales.

Me llama mucho la atención la capacidad de importar datos desde un fichero CSV (el estándar de intercambio de datos del mundo mundial), desde Weather Underground y desde Cumulus.

Ya, casi nadie, puede decir que no se pasa a Weewx porque pierde los datos de toda la vida.

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weewx y pixel
« Respuesta #5 en: 18 de Octubre del 2016, 21:40:33 pm »
es compatible pixel y weewx , a mi no me funciona , no genera la wen.html


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Re:Weewx 3.6.0
« Respuesta #6 en: 18 de Octubre del 2016, 21:45:22 pm »
A mi me funcionó en la primera instalación.

No puedo decir más. 100% de éxito

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Re:Weewx 3.6.0
« Respuesta #7 en: 19 de Octubre del 2016, 19:28:25 pm »
Ya tengo hasta la 3.6.1 funcionando.